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Djibouti Steel Factory SARL

Djibouti's First Steel Company manufacturing reinforcement steel bars Grade 60 ASTM 615A. Djibouti steel was established in 2018 for manufacture of reinforcement steel bars. The production facilities located at PK-16 ,Djibouti  manufactures Reinforcement Steel Bars (Rebars) from 8mm to 32 mm.The production facility comprises of one rolling mill with TMT process, automatic cooling bed and material handling equipment for the production of Rebars. The facility is having state of art quality Lab and follow ASTM A 615 standards for manufacturing re bars.


A part of the reputed Al Nasser Industrial Enterprises L.L.C Group,UAE. Djibouti Steel is the first re bar manufactruing company in Djibouti, led by a strong management team, the company has focused on technological excellence geared towards the production of high quality steel products.





  • To deliver excellence in customer service and to operate with social responsibility & integrity.
  • To manufacture quality products for the people of Republic of Djibouti & neighboring .
  • To become a reputed and cost-effective producer with a regional market reach.




Djibouti Steel Factory SARL wants to be the largest and quality steel manufacturer in Republic of Djibouti and neighboring countries by adopting the modernized and latest technology, employing the professionals’ work force and complying the international standards to provide the best quality reinforcement to the customers. 



  • Producing quality products at competitive prices
  • Receptive of Modern Technology
  • Promoting honesty, integrity and ethical work practices at work place
  • Ensure the implementation of safety measures at work place.
  • Continuous Improvements
  • Sensitizing staff and customers about the quality of products
  • Transparency with Safety, Health & Environment Preservation


Djibouti Steel Factory is promised and ensures to maintain the quality of its products and deliver it to their customers. The company is having a quality assurance department which is well equipped with modernized and state of art technological equipment and headed by the team of professionals and experts , to test and ensure that the chemical composition and Mechanical properties of raw material meeting the international standards.  Before deli...